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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zora Neale Hurston: John Redding Goes to Sea

The story starts with a young boy dream to travel the world and as he got older that still stayed with him. When he told his mother about his dreams, she did not want to hear about it and felt that he was trying to abandon her. His father on the other hand supported his dreams because he too when he was young he had the same dreams.  The father felt that his dreams in a way will live through his son before in a way he was brave to follow his dreams.  John finally settled down and got married.  His mother thought that because he got married, he’ll forget about all those crazy thoughts and stay home be with his new wife.  But that dream for adventure is still on John’s mind so he enrolled with the Navy. His mother was not happy to hear that news at all and promise to disown him if he ever leaves.

From a sad turn of event John will get his wish to finally go to sea but it would not be a conscience decision.  While helping secure a bridge before the coming of the storm, he fell in the water and drowned.  In the morning John's father goes down to the bridge site only to see his son floating downstream to the sea.

I think that this story was really sad but in my opinion had a good message. It was about someone who through the years never forgot his dreams. 

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